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Squire Boone Village provides a wonderful line of products for Wineries. Souvenirs ranging from the magestic to the qurky; we have something for everyone.

Wine is growing in popularity and sales in the USA year over year. Since 1993, wine sales in the USA have TRIPLED to 36.4 billion dollars in 2012! The USA is the largest wine market in the world!

Gemstone Wine Bottle Stoppers are a Squire Boone Village exclusive, our own designs. There are no others like them in the market. Our lapidary workshops in Brazil supplied us with gorgeous material and workmanship. They fashioned the gem tops according to our specifications. We assemble the wine stoppers here at Squire Boone Village. Our counter display is made in Indiana out of the same oak lumber that is used to make oak wine-aging barrels. The oak display sets off the gorgeous gemstone wine bottle stoppers beautifully. Gemstone is from the Earth as are the nutrients that feed the grape vines from which fine wine is made. Many people believe that gemstones emit energies that will enhance the relaxing and healing properties of wine. Gemstone and oak wood are perfect complements to wine and will add value and profit to winery gift shops.

Grapevine plants, when cultivated and pruned over many years, develop a tree-like appearance with thick trunks and branches that spread laterally on trellises. Pruning grape vines to grow this way makes harvesting the grapes by hand most productive. The semblance of a pruned and cultivated grape vine plant in wintertime is similar to the look of our windswept tree display. Our Gem Necklaces are made of natural gemstone. Amethyst, quartz crystal, agate, tourmaline and other gem materials are dug by hand from the Earth, cut, shaped, ground and polished to eventually become a fine piece, not unlike the labor, care and artistry of making a fine wine. Gem Necklaces displayed on our Windswept Tree Display are perfect additions to a winery gift shop, right along-side a winery’s finest wine of which they are so proud.

Squire Boone is bringing back the REAL Souvenir Picture Postcard from days gone by. Baby Boomers remember buying picture postcards when they were kids on vacation. Picture postcards of Yellowstone National Park were one of Bloom Brothers' very first wholesale souvenirs when they opened for business back in 1906. Heavy card stock, clear-coat finish, incredible photographic, full-color printing, scalloped edging, ghost image logo on the writing side along with a description of the attraction or photo on the color side. Nostalgia sells and Picture Postcards sell well.

Most Popular Items:

• Agate Slice Coaster Sets

• Custom Winery Jigsaw Puzzles

• Custom Winery Mini Posters

• Custom Winery Postcards

• Custom Winery Restickers ®

• Gemstone Wine Bottle Stoppers

• Grapevine Jewelry Display

• Winery SOOBUBS® Bracelets

• Winery SOOBUBS® Keyrings

• Winery SOOBUBS® Necklaces

• Winery SOOBUBS® Magnets

• Winery SOOBUBS® Jumbo Magnets

Review Our Product Lines

Bloom Brothers

Squire Boone Village Bloom Brothers In 2007 Squire Boone Village acquired Bloom Brothers and its remaining inventory, adding a wonderful line of Indian Replicas to the already vast product list.

  • Native American/Indian Replicas
  • Dream Catchers
  • Coonskin Caps
  • Rabbit Furs/Pelts
  • Pencil Climbers
  • Pop Rifles
  • Engraved Foil Prints, Custom Imprint
  • Train Whistles
  • Shoshone Silver Jewelry
  • Corn Cob Pipes
  • Indian Flutes
  • Feather Headdresses
  • Bow and Arrow Sets

Novelty Candy

Squire Boone Village Candy Squire Boone Village is a manufacturer of nostalgic and "fun for kids" candies, including old fashioned Rock Crystal Candy which we have been making in Southern Indiana since 1983. All our Candies are gluten free.

  • Rock Crystal Candy
  • Feather Lollipops
  • Resticker Lollipops
  • Candy Store Indian Display
  • Shock Your Buds Test Tube Candy
  • Hitchers
  • Gummy Kabob Candy
  • Lollisticks
  • Barber Pole Candy
  • Miner's Gold Nugget Gum
  • Lollistraws
  • Swizzlers

Bulk Candy

Squire Boone Village Candy Squire Boone Village is a wholesale packager of Bulk Candy. We have over 60 different Candies that can be packaged in 11 different ways. All our Candies are gluten free.

  • Custom Hang Tags
  • Fancy Jars
  • Tubes
  • Resticker Jars
  • One Color Party Packs
  • Rock Crystal Candy Gems
  • 39 Different Gummy Candy Shapes
  • 6 Different Candy Corn Flavors
  • After Dinner Mints
  • Sweetarts

Carved Wood

Squire Boone Village Carved Wood Squre Boone Village purchases hand-carved and hand-painted original pieces made from Catalpa and Pine woods; providing a livelihood for more than 500 carvers, artists and their families in a small village in the northern part of China.

  • Sling Shots
  • Hiking Sticks
  • Ink Pens
  • Rubber Band Guns
  • Walking Canes
  • Back Scratchers
  • Wind Chimes
  • Chess Boards and Pieces

Souvenir, Plush, & Candle

Squire Boone Village Souvenir, Plush, & CandleSquire Boone Village provides a wonderful line of products for the average souvenir shop. Gifts ranging from the majestic to the quirky; we have something for everyone.

  • Ponder Stones
  • Bonsai Gemstone Tree of Life
  • Andean Wind Flutes
  • Wild Animal Pencil Sharpeners
  • Animal Cast Sculptures
  • Throw Me Friends
  • Terra Lights and Terra Lamps

Earth Science Exploration

Squire Boone Village Earth Science Exploration Squire Boone Village is still very proud of its roots, teaching young students about geology through developing products that get them interested in learning more about rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils.

  • Miner Helmets
  • Magnet Stones by the Bagful
  • Super Gemstone Mix by the Bagful
  • Crack Open Geodes
  • Replica Bear Claws
  • Collector Rocks
  • Rock Candy Crystal Growing Experiment


Squire Boone Village Jewelry The transition from Earth Science products to Jewelry was a natural one since most items of adornment are made from gems, minerals, crystals and precious metals found in the Earth.

  • Free custom hang tags program
  • Gemstone Pendants
  • Bear Claw Necklaces
  • Shoshone Silver Jewelry
  • Agate Arrowhead Necklaces
  • Mood Rings
  • Blue Onyx Druse Necklaces